The Rules and Regulations are meant for conducting this herculean competition, the first of its kind in the history of Pune smoothly. The GPL Governing Body fervently asks for your enthusiasm and support to make Gita Premiere League unmatched in the time to come.

Rules, Regulations and the Process:


1.The participant should register ONLINE or through SMS as displayed on the posters. 

2. Registration fee for GPL has to be paid according to the respective category of the participant to GPL representative.

3.Fill the details carefully,especially email,mob no and language of the exam. These will be the contact co-ordinates till the end of GPL.

4.The participant will receive a confirmation SMS and an email from or after 24 hrs of registration.  

5.The participant will receive a packet from GPL containing 1 items:Bhagavad Gita and
(check updates on homepage)

6.The registration process is complete only after paying the registration fee and registering yourself as a GPL Member by entering your Membership ID (Provided BY MAIL.).(
check updates on homepage)

Online Examination:

1.GPL 2 ONLINE EXAM will be an conducted in the month of SEP-OCT 2014. 


2.There is no Online Exam Test centre for GPL. The participants are free to take the exam from anywhere they want.

3.The participant will be assigned a period of 3 days in the month of SEP-OCT2014,within which he has to attempt the online test.He will be contacted through email and/or sms informing him of the exam dates.

4.The participant will receive an email prior to the exam dates from guiding him step-by-step for the online exam. Be assured that it will be extremely user friendly and non-ambiguous.

5.Exam duration will be 30 mins,will have multiple choice questions (4 options) in either English,Hindi or Marathi as chosen.Many of the questions will be directly from the Question bank or may be asked in a twisted manner. Syllabus for GPL will be chapters 1 - 6 of Bhagavad Gita as it is that you had received.

6.We have taken all necessary steps to stop malpractice.This is ensured by the advanced features of the test and few difficult questions to separate the mass from the winners.

​7.The GPL website will be constantly updated as the competition progresses. Please keep checking the same.

8.The score will be instantly displayed.

​9.Passing percentage for GPL is 40%.

Results and Prize Distribution:

1.Individual scores will be instantly displayed. The competition will be extremely transparent and the winners will be 
​decided only on the basis of the online exam scores.

2.Only those participants who score 50% and above will be awarded a participating certificate.

3.In case of a tie, the tie will be resolved on the basis of an offline test. The pattern of such a test will be at the sole discretion of the GPL Governing Body and shall be abiding to all the participants.

4.The winners will be informed through phone and email about their results. The venue and the date for the prize distribution shall be decided by the GPL Governing Body and will be abiding to all.

5.The winners have to produce a valid id-proof (PAN card, Driving license etc.) at the prize distribution ceremony without which the prizes will not be distributed.

6.The winners names will be displayed on the GPL official website.

7.The free seminars for all participants will be available online on the GPL official website. Live seminars may be conducted in areas wherever possible.

Finally,all decisions will be at the sole discretion of the GPL Governing Body which will be transparent,unbiased and abiding  to all the participants.

Copyright © 2013 GITA PREMIERE LEAGUE.All Rights Reserved.                                                                An initiative of the GPL Governing Body. 

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